SEPU - Smart emergency and power unit

Intelligent power supply with emergency stop function for test systems

Save time and effort when building your test and inspection systems by using our SEPU power supply. In the 19" 3 HE case you receive all the functions needed for your test systems or assembly workstations. Install, connect, start and that's it. Save the expensive time for wiring and troubleshooting in your control cabinet.




  • 230V voltage input (120V option)
  • Integrated emergency stop circuit
  • USB controlled digital inputs / outputs
  • 2x 230Vac output permanent
  • 2x 230Vac output with emergency stop
  • 2x 24Vdc / 2A protected output permanent
  • 1x 24Vdc / 5A fused output switchable, emergency controlled
  • 1x 24Vdc / 2A protected output, emergency stop
  • 1x 24Vdc main air valve, emergency stop
  • 1x 24Vdc input signal for air pressure sensor
  • 2x connections for emergency stop button
  • 1x connection for front panel control unit
  • 1x connection for digital inputs / outputs

Highlights auf einen Blick


  1. Power supply for test and assembly workplaces
  2. Emergency stop monitoring
  3. fused voltage outputs 230V
  4. protected voltage outputs 24V
  5. Sensor-actuator connections 24V
  6. USB port for controlling the inputs / outputs

Einsatzgebiete des Systems

The system can be used as a power supply in the 19 "control cabinet for test systems as well as assembly workstations. The integrated turnkey solution saves the system integrator time and effort for wiring and testing his systems.

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