MCF test systems

We create entire test systems for quality assurance of your production. The systems are planned, constructed and built by us corresponding to your needs. You receive from us the entire system including software and implementing.


All necessary working steps at a glance:

  • Construction in 3D with Solidworks
  • electric planning with Eplan
  • Assembly with modern CNC-machinery
  • Installation and wiring by qualified workers and techncians
  • Software development in LabVIEW
  • Calibration and installation at the spot
  • After-Sales Support

Product examples

MCF Highlights at a glance

  1. test systems for lab and development

  2. test systems for fabrication and quality assurance
  3. standardized measuring technology
  4. saving costs with computer control

  5. Manual, half-automatic and fully automatic systems

Areas of use of our systems

In the following industrial areas are our test systems implemented:

automotive engineering, medical engineering, industrial automation, research in universities, machine construction, climate measuring technology, solar technology, energy technology

The focus of our measuring technology is in the following areas:

Torque/rotation angle measurement, measuring physical and electric variables, noice measuring, HF measuring, HV-tests, camera testing, structure-born sound measurements and a lot more.