3D printer FDM:

Stratasys F370

With our Stratasys F370we are able to print cheap concept models just like solid assembly groups.

Choose from up to five original fibre materials, like for example z. B. FDM TPU 92A, a long lasting elastomer material.*

The dissoluble supporting material by Stratasys makes efficient removal of the supporting structure without manual treatment possible. Create components and assembly groups with precision, details and repeatability.

Receive already in early stages of your design high-quality results at the first and every following print.


  • material: PLA, ABS-M30, ASA, PC-ABS
  • ESD material: ABS-ESD7
  • special material: TPU-92A, Diran
  • with support material
  • build dimensions: 355mmx254mm
    height: 355 mm