MCF wearless plug contacts

Our contacts   are used wherever a plug has to be connected often and quickly. This can be in production as well as in development, laboratory, test field, quality assurance and service.



  • Plug simulations for manual and automatic contacts
  • wearless construction
  • ESD variants available
  • Standard contacts available
  • customer-specific construction on request

Product examples


MCF Highlights at a glance

  1. Contacts for production, development, service, laboratory, QA, sales
  2. Use in automatic testing and assembly machines
  3. ESD versions available
  4. Suitable for continuous operations


Field of applications of our plug contacts


Our   contacts are used in the following industrial sectors:

Electronics manufacturing, automotive technology, medical technology, industrial automation, development, laboratory

The focus   of our   contacts is in the following areas:

Test equipment construction, device programming, climate test, service, maintenance, laboratory, development, sales