MCF Testsystem

Testing device for sensor elements

Where angles and displacements have to be measured precisely, sensors are most often the first choice.

With our testing device for sensor elements, the welding and functions of a sensor element are tested. For that, an analog signal has to be recorded and analyzed precisely with the help of an oscilloscope The UI, controls and data gathering and signal evaluation happens with our test sequencer in the LabVIEW programming language.


All the necessary working steps at a glance:

  • Construction in 3D with Solidworks
  • electric planning with Eplan
  • Production with modern CNC-machinery
  • Assembly and wiring by qualified workers and technicians
  • Creating Software in LabVIEW
  • Calibration and local implementing
  • After-Sales Support

Examples for products


Test system highlights at a glance

  1. Computer controlled semi-automatic workplace with Windows user interface
  2. PCI measuring- and control technology by National Instruments and MCF
  3. USB oscilloscope for precise curve measurements
  4. Software created in LabVIEW based on MCF test suite
  5. Switching recordings for different mechanic and electric test items
  6. Production integration with bar code type and order management

  7. Statistical evaluations of the measured results
  8. type dependent label printing
  9. Extensive service functions for implementing and test
  10. process surveyed bad part storage

Field of application of the system

Industrial production: Industrial electronics

The focus of our measuring technology lays in the following areas:

Measurements of current- and voltage courses with oscilloscope