MCF test adapters for printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies

Our test adapters are used in the manufacturing electronics industry for testing and programming electronic printed circuit boards. We have our own adapters in our range, but we also expand PCB adapters from Ingun, ATX, GPS and other manufacturers with our own   mechanics.



  • PCB test adapter from low cost to high end
  • Expansion and execution according to customer requirements
  • Automated reading of the PCB drilling data
  • Standard fixture with exchange magazines
  • HF adapter for WLAN, Bluetooth, GSM
  • Contacting from below, above and behind

Product examples

MCF Highlights at a glance

  1. Test adapter for production and development
  2. Table adapter with interchangeable inserts
  3. Inline adapter
  4. Adapters for display tests
  5. Adapter for 24/7 operation

Fields of application of our test adapters


Our   test adapters are used in the following industrial sectors:

Electronics manufacturing, automotive technology, medical technology, industrial automation, development, laboratory.

The focus   of our   adapters is in the following areas:

Functional test   of electronic modules, in-circuit test, boundary scan test, programming of electronic modules.