MCF Test fixtures for printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies

Our test fixtures are used in the manufacturing electronic industry for testing and programming electronic printed circuit boards and end-of-line test of products. We have our own standard fixtures but we also expand PCB fixtures from Ingun, ATX, GPS and other manufacturers.



  • PCB test adapter from low cost to high end
  • Expansion and execution according to customer requirements
  • Automated reading of the PCB drilling data
  • Standard fixture with exchange magazines
  • HF adapter for WLAN, Bluetooth, GSM
  • Contacting from below, above and behind

Product examples

MCF Highlights at a glance

  1. Test adapter for production and development
  2. Table adapter with interchangeable inserts
  3. Inline adapter
  4. Adapters for display tests
  5. Adapter for 24/7 operation

Fields of application of our test fixtures

Our test fixtures are used in the following industrial sectors:

Electronics manufacturing, automotive technology, medical technology, industrial automation, development, laboratory.

The focus of our adapters is in the following areas:

Functional test of electronic modules, in-circuit test, boundary scan test, programming of electronic modules.