MCF circuit boards and electronic assembly


We use our circuit boards, assemblies and devices in our test systems. We are constantly developing our product range with intelligent boards and signal adjustments.

Of course, we also develop individual boards according to your specifications. Just ask.


All necessary working steps at a glance:

  • Development of the circuit
  • Circuit diagram creation and PCB dissolving
  • Building prototypes Software development for microcontroller circuits
  • Case development and front panel design

Product examples

MCF Highlights at a glance

  1. Boards and assemblies   for laboratory, development and production
  2. Tried and tested   through use in our systems
  3. Cost savings compared to own developments
  4. also available in small and medium quantities

Fields of application of our circuit boards and assemblies


Our boards and assemblies are used in the following industrial areas:

Test system and assembly systems for automotive technology, medical technology, industrial automation, university research, mechanical engineering, climate control technology, solar technology, energy technology

The focus of our   boards is in the following areas:

Digital IO circuits, relay boards, signal conditioning for force / displacement measurements, motor control boards,   microcontroller circuits (Arduino, RapsberryPI)