LabVIEW Software

Software development for measurement and automation technology

Our software for measurement and automation technology is based on the development software LabVIEW from National Instruments. [Nbsp] LabVIEW has been the reference in the field of data acquisition for years. [Nbsp] Over the years we have created a large number of applications, device drivers   and library functions that serves as the basis for future developments.


Our programs are used in the following areas:

  • Laboratory and preliminary test
  • Development and manufacturing
  • Quality assurance and service
  • Data acquisition and evaluation
  • Control of devices and machines

Software examples

MCF Highlights at a glance

  1. LabVIEW experience since version 3.0
  2. Test stand experience since version 1.0
  3. NI_DAQ, NI-DAQmx, NI_Motion, Imaq-Vision, Sound & Vibration, NI_FPGA
  4. Creation of VISA drivers for different interfaces
  5. RS232, RS485, USB, IEEE488, CAN, LIN, TCP / IP
  6. Data acquisition, evaluation, storage
  7. User interfaces
  8. Machine controls
  9. Remote monitoring