MCF Testsystem

Electronic syringe drivers

"We have an emergency" this is very often the first sentence in an emergency call. When the ambulance arrives, the paramedics use syringe drivers„ which are easy to use despite the narrow room inside the ambulance. The syringe gets prepared, the driver programmed and in very short time the medicine is ready for the patient.

With our test bench, those lifesavers are calibrated and tested, so that the ambulance can totally rely on the little helper for intravenous and intraarterial infusion.

Ready for the emergency - thanks to our LabVIEW testsystem!


Alle notwendigen Arbeitsschritte aus einer Hand:

  • Konstruktion in 3D mit Solidworks
  • Elektroplanung mit Eplan
  • Fertigung mit modernem CNC-Maschinenpark
  • Montage und Verdrahtung durch qualifizierte Facharbeiter und Techniker
  • Softwareerstellung in LabVIEW
  • Kalibrierung und Inbetriebnahme vor Ort
  • After-Sales Support


test system highlights at a glance

  1. Computer controlled semiautomatic workspace with Windows Interface
  2. USB measuring and control technology by National Instruments and MCF
  3. High resolution pressure measuring technology
  4. Pressure measuring with sensors
  5. Measurement and evaluation of print processes
  6. Software created in LabVIEW
  7. Exchange holders for different mechanic and electric test items
  8. production integration with Barcode type and order management
  9. Static evaluation of measuring results
  10. type dependent label printing
  11. Extensive service function for implementing and test
  12. process monitored bad part depot

Field of application of the system

Industrial production: Medical technology

The focus of our measuring technology lays in the following areas:

Pressure measurement, Measurement of current and voltage, communication over infrared cutting point