About MCF Technologie

MCF Technologie GmbH delivers high-quality products and services in measurement and testing technologies, special machines and production machinery. The satisfaction of our customers and the quality of our products have top priority for us.

Our goal

To surpass the expectations of our costumers.

Our vision

To be the number one as supplier and service company for turnkey measurement and testing devices.

Our slogan

Precision is our passion!

Unser Team - Ihre Ansprechpartner

Patrick Volz


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Barbara Volz

Personal und

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Bettina Dielmann


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Shannon Porceddu

Vertriebsbüro Hanau

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Frederic Wanie


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Elias Kugel

Projektierung und Engineering

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Markus Ries

Mechanik und Elektronik

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Alfred Heuberger

Mechanische Fertigung

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MCF strategies at a glance

Zero-mistakes-strategy for optimized product safety

The zero must stand!

For optimal product safety with a smooth and faultless production. Avoids expensive product recalls and recourse receivables.

Zero mistakes: zero failures, zero problems!

Ready-to-use-strategy for producing companies

Cobbler, stay with our lasts!

We plan your project based on your planning. If you have vague ideas about the concept, we will develop the system that is exactly what you need.

Everyone does what they do best!


Precision-is-our-passion-strategy for quality-optimized production

Trust is good, control is better!

Experts in all areas react quickly and flexibly to your concerns. Adherence to deadlines and constant project monitoring guarantee reliable functionality.

Everything under control: quality, deadline and costs!

Build-to-Order-strategy for all technical fields of applications


Service + variety = more quality!

Test systems, control cabinets, assembly workstations: With us you always get the optimal quality at the promised date and price.

Specified exactly to your requirements!


Sleep-calm-strategy: All advantages at a glance


Concentration on the important!

Precision is our passion for all our strategies. That's why you can concentrate on your skills: Your products. Everything else, we will take care of.

What can we do for you?

What you like doing, you do great. And we love our job! Patrick Volz

MCF Technologie GmbH

Numbers, data, facts


  • founding: 2006
  • focus:
    Construction of test systems
  • Management: Patrick Volz
  • company location: Ettlingen
  • number of staff: 35


  • Certified with DIN EN ISO 9001


Our partners

Our customers and suppliers are also our partners. Together we are strong and together we can be the decisive step ahead in international competition. We have had a close and trusting relationship with some companies since our foundation, which we are proud of. Many interesting and advanced products have emerged from these partnerships.

Our cooperation partners