MCF Testsystem

Comparison and test of touch panel sensors

This test system, which we have planned and built, automatically adjusts sensors from   touch panels. The capacitive key sensors must be adjusted in the manufacturing process so that they switch on later in the vehicle at the specified actuation force. For this purpose, the sensor is approached with a fixed calibration force using an actuator modeled on the finger. Therefore, the motor control of the actuator finger is switched to a force control mode. I.e. the motor position is approached under force control. This method, developed by MCF, enables high-precision calibration of the sensor buttons. Inaccuracies that arise in the manufacturing process due to the installation of the sensors are corrected. After the calibration process, the function of the touch panel sensors is checked. Of course, this is done   with complete manufacturing integration with barcode evaluation, database connection and statistical measurement data storage for quality monitoring.


All the necessary working steps at a glance:

  • Construction in 3D with Solidworks
  • electric planning with Eplan
  • Production with modern CNC-machinery
  • Assembly and wiring by qualified workers and technicians
  • Creating Software in LabVIEW
  • Calibration and local implementing
  • After-Sales Support

Examples for products

test system highlights at a glance

  1. PXI controlled   semi-automatic workstation with Windows user interface
  2. PXI measurement and switching technology from National Instruments and Pickering
  3. High-resolution drive technology for force-controlled positioning
  4. Force measurement with piezo sensors
  5. Measurement of force / displacement curves
  6. Software based on the MCF test suite created in LabVIEW
  7. Interchangeable shots for various mechanical and electrical test specimens
  8. Manufacturing integration through barcode type and order management
  9. Statistical evaluations of the measurement results
  10. Type-dependent label printing
  11. Extensive service functions for commissioning and testing
  12. Process-monitored storage of bad parts

Field of applications of the system

Industrial manufacturing: automotive engineering

The focus of our measurement technology lies in the following areas:

Force / displacement measurement, CAN bus interface, measurement of current / voltage